Executive Protection

We provide professional executive protection in California, the United States, and internationally. We offer VIP protection services, bodyguards, transportation services including armored transportation, witness protection, and residential security teams. Our services range from a one man detail to a full protection team. With a worldwide reach, guards with Special Forces training, and tremendous resources, our clients are assured that Black Owl Security will provide a high level of protection and a world class service.

Our Services Include:

- Advanced Planning and Preparation

- Transportation (Armored Transportation if required or requested)

- Experienced and Licensed Protection Specialists

- Excellent Communication and Interaction Skills

- Protective Surveillance

- Low Profile Protection

- Covert Protection for Families and Children


Why Choose Black Owl Security?

  • Highly Trained and Experienced Professionals: Our services range from a one man detail to a full protection team. We use highly trained individuals and security teams that can counter high risk threats or travels in hostile environments.
  • Unmatched Expertise: Our professionals uses the latest and cutting edge of weapons and technology including GPS, remote controlled vehicles, and robotic weapons. We uses some of the World's most advanced technologies that can provide peace of mind and help assisting in distress or in more high risk environments.
  • Integrate Security Solutions: We carry out full personal and destination risk assessments. a protective group arrives prior to the client to research destinations and identify roads and route reconnaissance. Protective intelligence is a constant process throughout a protective detail and our team would stay fully aware of the potential threats.
executive protection