Security Cloud Solutions

We offer one the most advanced cloud security recording solutions in the world. Dealing with recorders, hardware maintenance, and software upgrades is a thing from the past. Today, our cloud solutions allow end users to focus on their core business, and leave the security maintenance and upgrades to the professionals. Black Owl Security provides the ultimate system reliability for all security installations with advanced features such as Edge Storage, Failover Recording Servers, and Redundant Management Servers. Edge Storage support combined with Failover Recording Servers and redundant management servers ensure video recordings are never interrupted. Furthermore, our cloud solutions works with the widest choice of hardware. Our system supports more than 2500 IP cameras, encoders and digital video recorders (DVRs) from over 100 manufacturers and we are continually adding new products. We offer dedicated servers and custom security recording solutions. Our infrastructure supports an unlimited number of cameras, users, and sites. Our solutions can be used either as a primary solution or as a back up in case the primary recorder fails or get stolen.

Intelligent High Performance

  • Failover Recording Servers: Whether it's a small security system, an enterprise system, or an integrated government security system, our Failover Recording Servers will maintain video viewing and recording capabilities with minimal interruption and video loss in the event of system failures.
  • High-Performance Recording Servers: We Offer a unique multi-stage video storage mechanism with unlimited upgrade possibilities, secure short and long-term storage, and 24 Hour access.
  • Military Grade Encryption: The military grade encryption helps protect video material stored in the system from illegal viewing and modification or tampering.
  • Enterprise Back Up: Users can set up scheduled or real time archive back up of a single stream or multiple streams. The back up can be uploaded locally, remotely, or to the cloud.
  • Ideal for Small & Large Security Systems

      - Advanced HD digital video both live and recorded which provides clear images after the event.

      - Scalable security systems allowing expansion at incremental cost when required.

      - A Wide range of high-definition cameras with options such as motion detection, night vision, and analytics whether indoors or outdoors, wired or wireless.

      - Integration with other existing systems such as computer networks, alarm systems, and access control over single or multiple sites.

      - Multi-level user access, allowing secure access to live and recorded images on a per camera basis.

      - The security systems can be used for other purposes such as monitoring staff and processes, improve health and safety, and training.

security cloud solutions


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