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Despite the laws designed to protect private individuals and businesses, bugs and wiretaps have been constantly used to spy on parties involved in litigation, divorce, blackmail, corporate and industrial espionage. We use the cutting edge, state of the art equipment to find any bugs, microphone, spy cameras, and other devices. Our services include a full scale inspection that is guaranteed to find any audio and video devices in your home or business. This is also known as Technical Surveillance Counter Measures or TSCM

What Is Included In Our Bug Sweeps?

  • Physical Inspection: A physical search for unauthorized eavesdropping devices such as tape recorders, devices attached to phones, phone wall plates, computers, desks, conference tables, picture frames, ceiling, and others.
  • Frequency Sweep: We use spectrum analyzers and frequency receivers to detect and locate transmitting devices up to 24GHz. We can Detected Audio Frequency, Very Low Frequency, and Radio Frequency. Our equipment will detect analog, digital, spread spectrum, infrared devices, and wireless microwave components.
  • Thermal Imaging: We use the latest thermal imaging technology to detect and locate transmitting devices, locate and identify hidden and covert audio and video devices. All electronic bugs and eavesdropping devices emit heat signature and our thermal units can identify and locate these devices even if they are embedded in walls and ceilings.
  • Vehicle Sweep: All vehicles are physically examined for unauthorized listening and tracking devices. We will search the inside and outside of your vehicles and/or boats for GPS tracking devices, hidden microphones and recorders, hidden cameras, and other illegal transmitting devices.
  • We Found: Wireless Hidden Cameras, Hard Wired Cameras with Pinhole Lenses, Hidden GPS Devices, Eavesdropping Devices, Phone Bugs, Hidden Microphones, Spy Cameras, Audio and Video Amplifiers, Tape Recorders...
Bug Sweep